Julius Gabriel is a German saxophone player and recording artist. His range of interests encompass various forms of music, such as jazz, rock, avant-garde and experimental music. As a solo musician, he composes music for saxophone and plays free improvisation and spontaneous music. He formed the bands About Angels and Animals, Blutiger Jupiter, Das Behälter, Ikizukuri and Paisiel. He collaborated with bands working in the fields of pop, rock, jazz, metal, afrobeat, electronica, free improvisation and contemporary classical music. He is a member of the Blue Shroud Band under the direction of Barry Guy and has performed with orchestras such as The Dorf and the London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

He was born and raised in Berlin, graduated from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen in 2015 and lives currently between Germany and Portugal.


"When I think of Julius Gabriel, the words “psychedelic saxophonist” inevitably come to mind. He transposes his instrument through effects, which is why the sound has both a drone-like and dreamy, oneiric quality. [...] " (noweidzieodmorza.com, 2019)

"Nas cascatas de som de Gabriel damos um mergulho no espaço e, sem encontrar um paralelo aproximado, evocamos o jazz cósmico de Sun Ra, que encontra neste jovem alemão-portuense um legítimo herdeiro da sua música extraterreste." (bodyspace.net, 2018)

"The young Julius Gabriel plays ferocious baritone [...]" (New York City Jazz Record, 2015)