Julius Gabriel is a saxophonist, performing and recording artist. His work focuses on the exploration of his instruments in all their limits and dimensions, emphasising the multidimensional unfolding of sound through spatial and electro-acoustics. He is dedicated to improvisation, using extended playing techniques, self-built hybrid instruments and electronics. 

Born and raised in Berlin, he started his music education at the age of ten with saxophone lessons at public conservatories, later supplemented in the vibrant club culture, the underground jazz scene and with Gunter Hampel as a mentor. In 2009 he moved to Essen for the BA programme "Jazz Performing Artist" at the Folkwang University of the Arts, complemented by courses at the Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media and ensemble projects for New Music. As his dissertation, he produced his first album in 2015 with the psychedelic noise-jazz band Blutiger Jupiter. He became a member of the sound collective The Dorf, formed the agitational disco jazz band Das Behälter and the reeds duo About Angels and Animals with Jan Klare. At workshops he met bassist and composer Barry Guy, who later on invited him to join his new 14-piece Blue Shroud Band and perform with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra. Initiated by an artist grant, he moved to Portugal in 2017, where he released his first solo album, formed the duo Paisiel with João Pais Filipe and the trio Ikizukuri with Gustavo Costa and Gonçalo Almeida. In 2021 he moved back to Berlin and, with the help of various grants, developed the ghaitophone, the twin drone saxophone and the electroacoustic percussion saxophone. In 2022, he has been artist in residence at the Indian Music Experience Museum in Bangalore.

He appears on numerous albums as a solo artist, with his own bands, as a collaborator and guest musician on independent labels such as Ana Ott, Lovers & Lollypops, Rocket Recordings, Fun in the Church, Subcontinental Records, Creative Sources, Umland Records, Not Two Records, Intakt Records. He played concerts all across Europe in concert houses such as Essener Philharmonie, Casa da Música Porto, National Forum of Music Wroclaw, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Alte Oper Frankfurt, South Bank Centre London and on festivals such as Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Wien Modern, unerhört!, ФУЗИОН, Moers, NOW!, Open Source, Zappanale, Keroxen, JSS Music Conference, RhythmXchange Festival, Tarcento Jazz, Rainy Days, Ad Libitum, Krakow Jazz Autumn, Jazztopad, Jazz em Agosto, Milhoes de Festa, Primavera Sounds, Sonic Blast, SWR Metalfest, Tremor, Waking Life, Zigurfest.