Julius Gabriel is a saxophonist and recording artist. His music incorporates elements from jazz, noise, minimalism, electronic, experimental or other non-classifiable music. He is dedicated to improvisation, uses extended playing techniques and explores the possibilities of electro-acoustics in conjunction with his saxophones. He has performed and released music as a solo artist as well as in various international collaborations. 

His first solo album, Dream Dream Beam Beam, can be understood as a possible synthesis of jazz, drone, noise and psychedelic music. He manipulates his saxophone with effects pedals and extends it through guitar and bass amplifiers. With the EP Ætherhallen, following in 2019, he continues the exploration of the electronically transformed tenor saxophone. Geminga, released in early 2020, is a ten piece album in which he uses the spatial dimensions of an ancient chapel to expand his improvisation on soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones. Eyes in Orbits followed in end of 2020 and is an extensive drone piece, entirely based on circular breathing with tenor and baritone saxophone running into a heavy backline of guitar amplifiers. 

Julius Gabriel's collaborations are numerous and manifold. He has been starting out as a young jazz student in Berlin, becoming a member of the Berlin Youth Jazz Orchestra, visiting jam sessions and weekly opening one of them with compositions from Duke Ellington, Sun Ra and Thelonious Monk. He toured the local clubs with his funk-punk band and absorbed drum'n'bass and techno music. He jammed along with legendary Embryo for a moment and got to know Gunter Hampel with whom he played his first big jazz festival. In 2009 he moved to Essen, West-Germany, to take the jazz course at the Folkwang University of Arts. He joined free jazz rock band What A Waste Of Beauty, formed a dub techno project and became a member of The Dorf, a large kraut/jazz/trance/noise band, that collaborated and recorded amongst others with Caspar Brötzmann and FM Einheit. In 2014 he was invited by Barry Guy to become a member of an international ensemble including 14 prominent musicians from the fields of jazz, baroque, improvised and contemporary music, to perform his new composition "The Blue Shroud". Under Guy´s direction he also plays with the legendary London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Julius' interest in experimental music and free improvisation manifests itself in his own bands. Blutiger Jupiter is a noise/psych/jazz/improv quartet. Their album Europa, released by Ana Ott, has been his final work to graduate from the jazz course. He formed Das Behälter, a heterogeneous group of musicians, working with disco grooves, free jazz attacks, sample techniques, electronics and lyrics from performance artist Xenia Ende in the centre of their music. In 2015 the band self-released The World Is All That Is The Case on vinyl, a new album will be released in 2022. In 2017 he started a trance-inducing duo with drummer and sound sculptor João Pais Filipe, releasing the self-titled debut album Paisiel in 2018 and the 40 minute piece Unconscious Death Wishes in 2020 on Rocket Recordings and Lovers & Lollypops. He formed a free jazz and noise related trio with Gustavo Costa and Gonçalo Almeida, that has released the album Hexum in 2018 and Underground Suicide Orchid with Susana Santos Silva in 2021.

Besides his central projects he has been collaborating as a studio and performing musician with diverse other bands and artists from electronica, pop, rock and metal, such as Stabil Elite, 2kilos &More, Guy One, Solar Corona, Glockenwise, Sereias, Névoa and Moral Collapse.