1. Eyes in Orbits 49:02

Julius Gabriel - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, effects, guitar amplifiers

Recorded in October 2019 in CC STOP, Porto and casa de José Roberto Gomes, Barcelos

"Eyes in Orbits" is a saxophone drone piece that challenges the world record for the longest note played on a saxophone. It focuses on circular breathing, manipulating sound through effects units and relies on loud amplification. The initial 49-minute performance featured tenor and baritone saxophones amplified by two Orange guitar amps and two Ampeg bass amps at extremely high volumes. This version was officially released on Subcontinental Records in 2020. The composition draws significant inspiration from La Monte Young's "Compositions 1960 #7" and can be considered a transposed interpretation of it. It's also heavily influenced by Glenn Branca's approach to sound, particularly his use of extremely high volumes and exploration of overtones.