Dream Dream Beam Beam

1. Voo 09:57

2. Wind 03:05

3. Universum 04:59

4. Raven 05:11

5. Dschungel 06:54

6. Espelho 06:22

7. Chasm 10:38

Julius Gabriel - tenor saxophone, effects, marshall guitar amp, orange bass amp

Recorded in December 2016, Porto

In his first solo album, Dream Dream Beam Beam, the saxophonist Julius Gabriel organises his musical influences in order to create a fluid mantra of circular patterns, overtones and free jazz eruptions, which can be understood as a possible synthesis of a long jazz tradition intersected by imaginative intrusions of drones and noise. Julius Gabriel's improvisations sound like eccentric particles of dust that dance in the twilight, in slow motion, till the end of time.