EYES IN ORBITS (digital, Subcontinental Records, 2020)

[for tenor and baritone saxophone + amplifier wall]

GEMINGA (CD, Creative Sources,2020)

[for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone]

ÆTHERHALLEN (Digital, Lovers&Lollypops, 2019)

[for tenor saxophone, artificial halls, echoes and loops]

DREAM DREAM BEAM BEAM (Tape, Lovers&Lollypops, 2018)

[for electric tenor saxophone, bass and guitar amplifiers]

Echonomy Split Series #1 (Tape, Otomatik Muziek, 2017)

[for electric tenor saxophones and guitar amplifier]




[for soprano saxophone and two delays]

Inside the gardens of Espaço Musas

[for soprano saxophone, three microphones and four delays] 

Pinehouse Concert

[for soprano saxophone, three microphones and four delays]

Oficinas do Convento 

[for baritone saxophone]


[excerpts for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone]

Oficina do João Pais Filipe

[for tenor, FX into guitar + bass amplifier]

MS Stubnitz

[for tenor saxophone, FX into stereo 4x12 guitar amps]